Economic Sustainability for WORKING FAMILIES


I believe that all working families should live a life that is long, fulfilled, and joyful. In an ideal world, no working family should have to experience the pain of not having enough. The reality we live in is far behind from this ideal world. 

Many families today are living paycheck to paycheck, trapped in cycles of poverty. Rent has skyrocketed while our wages have not. Jobs are limited in the East Side, causing barriers for our youth and millennials, especially, to join the workforce. 

As a daughter of refugees who grew up in a low-income household, I understand that money is one of the largest determining factor to the quality of life we live. Money equals our potential to make choices instead of living in scarcity. It determines the type of health care we receive, what foods we have access to, the neighborhood we live in, the number of children we may have, and much more. As a renter and working class individual, you can count on me to fight for working class families. We must achieve rent and home affordability, invest in more jobs for East Siders to thrive, and pass a $15 minimum wage that is equitable for both working class families and small businesses rather than favor corporate interests.

Economic Sustainability for SMALL BUSINESSES

The East Side is known for its diversity of small businesses that provide community-based products and services, making up a large part of our East Side Pride. I believe that in order for the East Side to thrive, reinvestment in small businesses must be prioritized so that working families who operate them can increase job opportunities and capital to revitalize our neighborhoods. 

When we support small businesses, we are supporting the economic sustainability of families. Currently, entrepreneurs of color, women, and millennials experience the highest rate of discrimination when pursuing loans and grants. The rise in property taxes decrease longevity of our mom and pops, resulting in vacant lots or financial distress for entrepreneurs. I will fight to make sure small businesses, especially start-ups, have increased access to city grants and receive equitable treatment from banks in loan processes. Rather than increasing property taxes on small businesses to increase our tax pool, I will be a champion of collectivity by working across levels of government to secure local government aid.  

Affordable Housing

I am a strong supporter of affordable housing. When my parents took refuge in Minnesota in 1989, affordable housing made it possible for them to have a place called home. A home is a basic necessity that no one should have to live without, but the financial forces of student debt, rising cost of living, and unlivable wages are some of the most pressing issues keeping families in poverty. That is why we see a housing crisis where the availability of affordable homes cannot keep up with the demands. 

You can count on me to work collectively at City Hall to fight for the expansion of affordable housing while tackling root causes of poverty that drive people to live in scarcity. I will be by your side to ensure there is equitable qualifications for affordable housing and that the upkeep of affordable homes are equitable and habitable, the way all homes should be. 

I believe affordable housing should be within the means of all seniors and working families. Seniors on a fixed income should not be driven out of their home due to getting priced out. More importantly, affordable housing is a public service that should reflect our communities values, uniting people across race, gender, and class. That is why mixed income housing must be implemented in all projects moving forward.

Public Safety for All

I am ready to lead on a new vision of community-based public safety with East Siders. We can no longer rely on the traditional methods of public safety, which was a system created to uphold racism, sexism, and classism. Community-based public safety must be about liberating all from the chains that keep us down. It’s about investment and how we can work collectively to ensure the East Side receives its fair share of funding. Divestment in our community has contributed to East Siders not being able to live the life of joy they deserve. Families stay stuck in cycles of poverty; small businesses struggle to make ends meet; there is a lack of maintenance and upkeep in streets, homes, neighborhoods; most detrimental, our youth are left behind to fend for themselves. 

As an organizer of criminal justice reform and past experience in the Ramsey County Public Defender’s Office, I am a champion of dismantling root causes of crime by using restorative justice to transform public safety. I will fight to increase accessibility and funding of youth and adult diversion programs because I understand that everyone just needs an opportunity to thrive. As a mental health and social work advocate, I will fight for mental health practitioners and social workers to work alongside police officers, providing services around mental health and cultural competency. I am committed to a collective effort to align response teams, such as firefighters, police officers, mental health practitioners, social workers to dispatch calls rather than heavy reliance on one over the other. 

Climate & Environmental Justice

Our future generations rely on today’s leadership today to make clean, progressive decisions about the environment. We can only protect our land, water, air, and green space if our actions reflect it. To this day, decisions around climate and environmental justice are deeply rooted with racism and classism, leaving behind diverse neighborhoods like the East Side to be served last. It’s time for the East Side to have a champion who is unafraid to speak up for all East Siders! I will fight to my core for expansion of green spaces and parks for youth and families, composting, and cost-effective renewable energy that allow us to thrive environmentally

Equitable Roads & Transportation

I am invested in an East Side where all people can thrive, no matter their method of transportation. Every street must be safe and convenient because a life is danger when it isn’t. Based on lived experiences and community conversations, I understand how disenfranchised constituents can be when reporting transportation matters. I am committed to working directly with Public Works to ensure the highest rate of quality and service in plowing, street maintenance, and designing the East Side to its maximum potential for safety. 

In addition, the attraction of Lake Phalen is an opportunity for the East Side to be revitalized to become a model across the map. I am committed to attracting other methods of travel, such as Nice Rides and Car-To-Go, for all East Siders.

An East Side United Across Our Diversity

I believe in an East Side where we unite across our diversity. When we unite across race, gender, class, age, nationality, and identities, we can ensure the strongest policies are passed for our community. That is how we can build a world where everyone is in and no one is left out. For far too long, pockets of communities have been marginalized, leaving them silenced in important decision-making around local policies. I am running for Ward 6 city council to open doors of opportunity for every East Sider, and I am prepared to bring every East Sider with me to the leadership table. The time to center our values is now!


Join me in changing the East Side!