St. Paul School Board Member 

Marny Xiong

“Ward 6 is home to the most diverse neighborhood in our city, yet our diversity and lived experiences is not represented at city hall. We need someone who is bold, progressive, authentic, innovative with fresh ideas, someone cares about ensuring that all of our diverse voices and experiences are represented at City Hall. I am done with business as usual, and a system that prioritizes the loudest voices, the most influential, and a system of winner and losers. We need change in Ward 6 and we need it now! Nelsie Yang is the progressive champion that we need who will unite our diverse communities to strengthen Ward 6. She is about collective people power so that we can ensure our city reflects our collective shared values, dreams for our neighborhoods, and the our diversity that is our strength. Join me in supporting Nelsie to be our next Ward 6 council member."



John Brodrick

"Nelsie's family members have lived alongside me for over a decade in Frogtown and they have been wonderful neighbors.  I’ve seen Nelsie grow to be the leader she is today. It’s my joy to endorse her to be our next City Councilmember for Ward 6! Nelsie was very involved with our school board race. She understands the issues our families face on the Eastside. She will be a fighter on economic and education issues for our community."



Tou Xiong

"I've seen Nelsie Yang do her work since day 1, seeing her organizing, advocating for issues from Frogtown to the East Side. She has all the experience and battle scars that will make a great city council member for Ward 6 and the city of Saint Paul. We need young leaders like Nelsie to step up and bring us into the new horizon. As a former council member myself, I can say that Nelsie has the experience, skills, and temperament to get stuff moving in Saint Paul. We need people like Nelsie to help represent our communities here on the East Side."



Trista Matascastillo

“I’m excited to endorse Nelsie Yang, she is a young woman who has no fear or reservation to run and represent our community. This is a community of young people and the city has changed tremendously over the last 15 years and the change is good; we need someone who understands inclusion of everyone. “


St. Paul City CouncilMember - Ward 4 

Mitra Jalali Nelson

“I’m so excited to endorse Nelsie Yang to be our next Ward 6 City Councilmember. I believe the way you campaign reflects the way you’ll govern. Nelsie has shown courage and leadership since the very start of her campaign: from becoming the first person to step up and put forward a new vision for our community’s future, to organizing in every corner of Ward 6, including people who for too long have been left out of these important elections. I know she’ll work hard for our shared values on the City Council. Now more than ever, our city needs energetic and engaged new leadership for the future of St. Paul. I’m proud to support Nelsie as we work for inclusive progress across our city.”